Who is Ganesha?

Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu gods, rides a mouse and is as playful as my yoga. He doesn't take himself too seriously, is an enjoyer and radiates joy. He also embodies new beginnings and gives strength to those who approach things with lightness and cheerfulness. An ideal mindset for anyone who wants to get to know yoga and their body better.

Ganesha's philosophy reflects my attitude towards yoga, movement and a free-spirited attitude to life.

Who is Aaron?

Hi there 👋, I'm Aaron, a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and movement enthusiast.

I've been doing sports my whole life and can't imagine life without exercise anymore. In the past, I was a Thaiboxing and self-defence coach. A few years ago I found yoga, a form of movement that strengthens both body and mind. I learned that you don't have to leave every workout feeling tense, but that you can feel strengthened and released at the same time. Swept away by my discovery, I therefore integrated it into my sports routine.

I am no less enthusiastic about movement than I am about getting people to move. Convinced by yoga, I decided to share what I learned with others and certified as a RYT 200 Vinyasa yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. My approach to Yoga is constantly changing because I integrate elements from every sport I know. In my yoga classes you will sometimes find exercises from different kinds of disciplines, which means a lot of variety. It is important to me to constantly overcome limits and to move my body in forms that I did not know before. It fascinates me what we are capable of if we just discover it playfully.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga that allows you to calm down through targeted breathing and conscious movements. With powerful exercises you strengthen your torso, legs and arms. In Vinyasa Yoga, we practise fluidly sequenced poses in standing, sitting and lying positions. This makes us stronger and significantly more flexible. In the long run, you will gain a better body awareness that also translates to your everyday life.